Flourish was created based on THE idea that the soul of the world feeds on happiness. With any living thing, a favorable environment leads to healthy and vigorous growth- which is also known as flourishing.  When you do what truly makes you happy every single day, you will represent the best version of yourself. This is our vision. 


with Love and light,

Hannah Perkins & Olivia Lenox

Founders of Flourish


Our Story

Two best friends & graduates from the University of New Hampshire, we have been attached at the hip since highschool. After our first year of college, we put our brains together and decided to spend summers working in restaurants in a busy beach town over the boarder in southern Maine.

We spent the last three years in school, learning about ethical issues we face as a planet, working day & night, traveling, and meeting the most incredible, inspiring people. And funnest of all- cooking plant-based food & feeding it to our friends.



When graduation creeped around we were faced with the decision of what to do with the rest of our lives. One day, it dawned on us that life literally couldn’t get any better.

So here we are turning our passion for people, health, travel, food and good times into a career. We moved across the country and built our own tiny restaurant to fill your bellies with great tasting food that will help you & your dreams flourish.

Sustainability - Flourish Farmstead


We are not only passionate about bringing the public the tastiest food. At Flourish, we love to do all we can to minimize environmental harm. 


Our product packaging is eco-friendly, 100% compostable and made from plant materials. We offer all of our products on non-disposable plates. Our napkins will always be kept to a minimum to reduce undesirable waste, and we encourage our customers to recycle and compost their packaging properly on site! 


Flourish is in the process of creating a farm-to-table experience. We are currently leasing 5 acres of Certified Organic farmland on beautiful Sauvie Island, located 12 minutes from our St. Johns location. Within the next few years, we will be growing as much as we can to supplement our veggie-packed menu. Eventually our menu will mostly change with the season's harvest and our food will be certified Organic. We look forward to sharing more of our future plans for Flourish Farmstead with you in the near future.

We hope to create an experience at Flourish where customers have the opportunity to actively support global sustainability and become inspired about the importance of protecting our environment. 

“... It turns out that cultivating compassion for oneself and others does amazing things for our brains and bodies. Cultivating compassion increases the workings of parts of the brain involved with positive emotion—it has positive effects on our cardiovascular system and our immune system... compassion does real physical good. In our minds, too, the cultivation of compassion creates deeper insights into the nature of our suffering, and rather than being self-critical and shame prone we become more self-accepting, wise and caring of ourselves. Compassion allows us to become more thoughtful and caring in our relationships, and those relationships are more likely to flourish...” 


-R. Kolts & T. Chodron

‘an open-hearted life’

Our Product

Our menu was designed specifically to ensure minimal wastage. We recycle our vegetable scraps into broths and all other food waste is composted.



Better for you, the planet and the animals. We wish to accelerate the adoption of plant-based diets by providing new, delicious versions of our favorite comfort foods. We are out to create positive change in people’s lifestyles and in the world! As humans, we naturally feel compassion and it shows through our interactions with each other. We have been forced to lose touch with this compassion through corporate greed and secrets behind mass production of animal products. There has been a disconnect between the food on our plates, where/how it was derived, and how it makes us feel. 


Two years ago we adopted a plant-based diet. Our only regret- not doing it sooner. We have created the connection between food and source and it has amplified the experience of eating. We are here to share this knowledge with you. We believe that through compassionate eating, every living thing may flourish.


Gluten free 

As an effort to keep everyone’s bellies happy, all of our products are made gluten-free. But, don’t fret- our menu is packed with other grains and proteins. Excluding gluten will make it easier for every body to absorb more vitamins and nutrients and keep energy levels up (for more fun having!). 


After all, your happiness is ours. And your dreams are just one decision away from becoming your reality.  

Flourish with us.

May 18th 2018

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